The Salisbury Ale House

Asset of Community Value (ACV)

Your Help Needed!

To all CAMRA Central Manchester Branch members who fulfil the requirements below.

The Salisbury’s existing inclusion on the City Councils ‘Asset List’ comes to an end on the 22nd August 2020.

Your Branch have decided to renew the application to continue its listing originally made by the Trafford and Hulme branch.

What we need

Twenty – one signatures, only one per household from members who are:

(a) Resident within the Manchester City Council boundary

(b) On the City’s Electoral register.


If we are successful in our renomination the existing protection will continue for another five years.

What Protection

If the existing owner decided to sell the pub CAMRA as sponsors of the nomination would receive notice of the sale. The sale could be postponed for six months to enable a ‘Community Bid’ to buy the pub.

Next Step (1) Request a signature form from:

(2) Complete and sign the nomination form. (3) Scan it and email it back to:

Thanks in anticipation of your support.

Steve Ingham, Pub Preservation Officer, Central Manchester