Pub Preservation

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Here are highlighted those venues in the Central Manchester (Branch) area that are either listed buildings or that may be included in the CAMRA inventory of heritage pubs which are well worth a visit.

Some of those which are listed buildings are not necessarily included in CAMRA’s heritage list. This is because CAMRA’s list concentrates on interiors and not necessarily the exterior of a building. So, a building which might be listed because of its whole including the exterior may have had its interior drastically altered over the years.

Classification for listing

Buildings are classified in grades to show their relative importance warranting preservation and are :

· Grade I – of exceptional interest

· Grade II* – of more than special interest

· Grade II – of special interest

Currently all listings for pubs in the Manchester Central Branch area achieve a Grade 2 designation.

CAMRA’s Heritage Classification, Pubs to Cherish

Focuses entirely on the internal physical fabric of the space and what is authentically old inside them. In this context fine though it may be the external façade is not a primary consideration. The classification includes outstanding bars and pub type rooms in other kinds of licenced premises, such as hotel bars, theatre bars and railway buffets.

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